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Welcome to the Catalyst Website. We are a multi-game community. Currently we are Playing Final Fantasy XIV: Realm Reborn on the Midgardsormr Server. We are also a Sith Empire Guild on the Prophecy of Five Server in Star Wars the Old Republic. We have a very experienced group of leaders, skilled in organizing and executing all end game content. We look forward to being at the edge of all progression. Our core group of friends and raiders have been playing together and successfully leading guilds across multiple MMO's. Currently Catalyst has two divisions, one focused on PVE and the other on PVP. Many of our members participate in both. We raid end-game content at a high level with a casual approach. We desire to be the best in all aspects of the game. We have high expectations for the guild, and thus are looking for exceptional players

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The Chops are back in town

by Rystet, 94 days ago

After a long break from FFXIV, the Chops are active again and prepping for stormblood.


It aint easy being beautiful... 

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FFXIV: Stormblood has a release date, 6/20/17

by Rystet, 94 days ago


Stormblood release date has been announced, and pre-orders are now available. 

Pre-order bonus does include early access!


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