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re: App: Based_Makaveli

The application submitted by Based_Makaveli is as follows:

Do you have a character on Midgardsormr Server? If Yes, What Level, Class, and Job?:
Yes, Level 50 All DoW and DoM, Level 50 Fisher and Culinarian. Hope to have everything 50 soon

Character Name (Include First and Last):
Makaveli Killuminati

Are you applying to Catalyst for endgame PVE raiding, or for social reasons? (Please detail your endgame goals):
Endgame PVE Raiding. I never had a static for first coil but have clear 1-4 many times. Hope to clear T5 and beyond in Catalyst. also have cleared thru Ifrit Extreme and tried to learn what I can of Levi Ex in PF groups but can't practice too much when the cant get much further than phase 1-2

Do you have any Final Fantasy MMO raiding expereince? (Please be detailed and include difficulty level.):
BC Coil 1-4, Extremes up to Ifrit.

Do you have any other MMO End Game PVE or PVP experience? How Much? What Games? (Details Please):
The only other MMO I played was FFXI up until about 2010, I was in a hardcore endgame LS named Apathy who's goals were world's firsts in that game. Not as as hardcore as I was back then, but would still like a progression static to try the harder fights in this game.

If applying for Raiding, What are your general play times, and what is your Raid Night & Time Availability? :
I work 2nd shift for now so I would only be availble on Saturdays and one other random night a week. I usually get home from work about 12 est on other days, so I pretty much play late night est on work days. Anytime on my off days I am availble.

Where did you learn about Catalyst?:
Progression Thread on the forums and Mor Dhona shout

Please tell us about yourself, and why you think you would be a valuable member of our Guild.:
I feel as though I am very laid back and easy to get along with. I like to help and learn new fights and give input on what could be tried to succeed. Even though I play on PS4 I like to talk on TS or Mumble, it just makes the game more enjoyable in my opinion. Thank you for the consideration and happy hunting!

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