Loot Distribution

When distributing loot it is important to remember that this is primarily a PVE progression based guild. Distributing loot evenly, fairly, and quickly is our goal in order to continue smooth progression.

Our loot system is subject to change depending on the current needs of the guild.


16 Man Loot:


Currently Catalyst is using a modified Loot Council and Roll system...

When an item drops, all Guild Members interested for main spec are asked to link what they would be replacing. The council will then determine who is eligible to roll for these items.

Factors may include:

- Attendance

- Time in the guild

- Previous Items won in that Raid Lockout

- Who will benefit more (Bigger Upgrade)

- Guild Role (Tanks & Healers may need pieces when preparing for or starting new content)


Once it is determined who is eligible to roll, The Loot Master will roll and determine the item winner.


If an item is not needed as a pure Main Spec upgrade it will then be opened up for members to roll on in the following priority:

1) Main Spec roll for the Enhancements & Mods

2) Off Spec Use (A back up Tank/Healer may have priority on Off Spec Loot)

3) Off Spec roll for the Enhancements & Mods

4) Companion Roll