What we expect from our members outside of Raids/Operations


  • You are expected to represent the guild in a professional and mature manner. Everything you do with the Catalyst tag above your head reflects directly on us as a whole. 
  • A good attitude is important especially in a group atmosphere. Harassment of any kind and inappropriate comments will not be tolerated to any degree… Joking around with other members is great, but make sure you know your company and that nobody is going to be offended. If you’re not positive don't say it. 
  • All Guild Members are expected to stay informed with current events, news, and updated policies. 
  • Ninja looting will not be tolerated by the guild in any form or fashion. If you can benefit from an item drop, make sure everyone in the group knows. Ninja looting may constitute an immediate G-kick. 
  • Lastly we would like to remind everyone that we strongly believe real life is greater than any game. This is a game and we are here to have fun, but not at the expense of ourselves and families. If anyone needs to take a temporary break from playing this is understood, but a notification beforehand is expected.


What we expect from our members in Raids/Operations

Everyone in Raids is expected to be completely prepared. That may include consumables, Flasks, or whatever is available to maximize your performance. Everyone must give 100% attention to completing our current objective. We all make mistakes and it is understood from time to time. All Members should have basic understanding of boss encounters before we get there (if possible). It is not the officer’s responsibility to spell out every detail. Although on New bosses more extensive explanation may be needed, all members should know their roll beforehand.


  • Everyone is expected to have gear and talents optimized for performance. Min/Max. Do the research and know your role.
  • Teamspeak, everyone must be in the designated channel for raids. Quick and clear communication is a key to success in raids. 
  • Keep Teamspeak clear when necessary. Do not spam raid chat with unnecessary talk or macros during boss fights or there explanations. This is how assignments and details are missed. 
  • Attention to the current objective. Not constantly going AFK. When you must go AFK you must notify the raid leader before leaving. Stay focused and pay attention to what the raid is working on. 
  • Follow Directions and complete your assignments. Healing, CC, buffs, interrupts, and all other necessary raid assignments are expected to be taken care of once given. 
  •  Everyone is expected to treat each other with respect. This is a Game and is intended to be enjoyable. Rude and Inappropriate comments will not be tolerated.



TeamSpeak 3 - http://www.teamspeak.com/?page=downloads



How we will handle badies

Consistently bad play (low healing/DPS, Repeatedly Dying to Fire) will be handled as follows:

  • Privately they will be talked to by the Raid Leader or an Officer and informed of a need for improvement.
  • We have high expectations and cannot afford to carry people. We will treat you with the same respect we ourselves would like to be treated with.
  • We will put you on a PIP (Performance Improvement Plan) for a designated period of time (Usually 2 Weeks). During this time you will be expected to work on and make any needed adjustments.
  • Officers will be working with you to set improvement goals. They will be happy to help and provide any needed advice.
  • If the set goals are not met at the end of a PIP you will be removed from the active raid roster, and lose priority on raids spots.