Having strong and determined leadership is a vital component to successful guilds. The leadership of Catalyst takes the responsibility very seriously. We will do our part to ensure the continued progression and improvement of the guild. You can expect us to be organized and provide a clear direction for our members.


Guild Leaders:


  • Council (GM's) – Deresdod, and Rystet
  • Officers - Ticklescream (Pretty), Azriel, and Zetliam



In raid all Schematics for BOE items that drop will be first given to the Guild Crafters. Those Items can then be made for various guild members. BOP Items will be given to those who can craft for main spec upgrades.


Guild Crafters:


- Will be Updated Soon



All members of Catalyst are expected to follow guild rules and policies. As your contribution to the guild and assistance in progression increases, so will your rank and privileges.


Rank Description:

  • Council – Co Guild Leaders. All major Decisions will be made final through them.
  • Officer - They Will have input on important Decisions. Will have leading responsibilities.
  • Shadow Hand – Veteran Core Raid Members. Priority on Raid Spots. These members will be relied on heavily to set an example in and out of raids.
  • Dark Enforcer - Memeber dedicated to PVP. 
  • Saber – Raid Eligible Members, but do not have priority over Shadow Hands.
  • Soldier - Member of the guild that is not currently part of active Raid Roster.
  • Adept - Recruits